Weight Loss

We believe weight loss is achieved through lifestyle modification, and the foundation of lifestyle modification is healthier eating habits. Dr. Levy and his team will identify and work with patients in the office who need to improve their eating habits. One of the ways we do this is by referring patients to a nutritionist for detailed, one on one counseling.

Dr. Levy’s practice (in combination with a partner’s practice) was the first in Middle Georgia to offer the Reshape Gastric Balloon. Dr. Levy is actively engaged in working on gut microbiome manipulation. This is a modern, innovative area of medicine revolving around the link between unhealthy gut bacteria and diseases, including obesity.

One of our goals is to provide patients with multiple options, and one of the ways we achieve this is by referring to bariatric surgeons when appropriate. We are able to perform any requested pre-bariatric workup by the surgeon. Dr. Levy and his team don’t believe in appetite suppressants or B12 shots as cures for obesity due to the lack of proven, long-term efficacy, despite other weight loss centers recommending these treatments.

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Revision Health Unlimited

Dr. Levy co-founded Revision Health Unlimited to offer a non-surgical procedure for weight loss, as well as dietary and nutritional counseling. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions in order to achieve the level of weight loss you’re looking for. Unlike standalone diets, workout regimens, or medical procedures, Revision Health Unlimited offers patients personalized weight loss programs that are optimized to give them maximum results.

Dr. Levy is a very knowledgeable and highly skilled physician.

Nikki R.

Dr. Levy improved my quality of life so much! He is friendly, down to earth and takes more time with me than other gastroenterologists that I have dealt with. The care I’ve gotten from him changed my life. Under his care, I went from not being able to eat solid foods for a year to being able to eat normal foods I enjoy. I can tell he cares and I'm not just another patient. I’m so grateful to Dr. Levy!

Susan A.

Dr. Levy is unbelievable! My cardiologist insisted that I see Dr. Levy for my colonoscopy and I’m glad I did. His knowledge gave me a lot of confidence in what I was facing since I have inflammatory bowel disease. His caring and compassionate ways make him different from other physicians I’ve seen. He is kind, gentle, caring, and not pushy. His staff is excellent, and the Endoscopy Center was more efficient and personal than having my procedure at the hospital. I would recommend Dr. Levy to any friend or doctor.

Jane W.

Dr. Levy goes above and beyond to provide excellent care. I was very sick and getting worse, and with his knowledge and persistence he diagnosed a rare vascular condition called median arcuate ligament syndrome (MALS). This allowed me to find a specialist and cure my condition. Dr. Levy actually listened to me, did a full work-up, and took the time to research my case. Since seeing Dr. Levy, I haven’t had any issues. I felt comfortable talking with him and I knew he would do whatever it took to help me. I highly recommend going to Dr. Levy!

Carissa G.